Possibility for more server room space

With the desire to increase our disaster recovery capability and the September 2008 flood of MC 1061 fresh on our minds, IST has been seeking additional server room space.

The Research Advancement Centre (RAC) building on the UW North Campus currently has some unused space. Two areas are of sufficient size with regards to floor space to be considered. Room 3117 on the third floor is designated as future lab space. The room is approx. 33 feet in width and very long. On the fourth floor of the building is mechanical space for Plant Operations. This space is under-utilized and could provide floor space.

RAC Third Floor

The third floor of the RAC building has offices around the perimeter of the building and two very large areas in the centre of the building for future lab space. None of this is yet allocated, but the growing needs of the Nano and Quantun groups need to be accommodated within these areas. One possibility is to erect a wall within this space to create a 33x20 server room facility (660 sq ft).

To answer a number of potential questions:

  • Where is power source, and specifically is it the same or different than UW power source? Scott Nicoll to check, but it is believed that the power is from a different sub-station than UW main campus.
  • What is above, below and nearby in terms of other occupants? The Plant Operations mechanical area is above, containing chilling units to provide cool air for the building during the summer months. Science faculty related research would be on the other side of the constructed wall. This could be chemical, magnetic or other equipment.
  • Are the room walls physically secure? Three walls exist today (are they solid?) and the fourth wall would be constructed as part of the renovation for a server room.
  • What is non-business hour access to building and room? Currently the building is locked by the occupants when they leave for the day. Off-hours access would need to be provided, likely by adding keyless entry and video surveillance.
  • Can freight be moved in and out of the room area? Only a single width door would be available for access to the server room.
  • What is concrete floor to concrete floor vertical distance? Approximately 13 feet in height, with open ceiling.
  • How much power can be provided to the room? The building itself has plenty of potential power, but we would require at least a power panel inside the room area and potentially another panel added at the building distribution point.
  • What are the possible dimensions? The area is 33 feet in width. A 20 foot section would provide for two rows of servers.

Other questions:

  • Air conditioning options
  • UPS options
  • Raised floor and/or dropped ceiling options

-- MartinTimmerman - 06 Jan 2009

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