HRMS Disaster Recovery Procedure

The Oracle HCM application is a mission-critical system for the University. Should something catastrophic ever happen to the HRMS hardware, it is imperative that HRMS functionality be restored as quickly as possible so that University employees will continue to be paid in a timely fashion. This procedure outlines the steps necessary to execute such a recovery.


A "catastrophic" event could take many forms, ranging from the failure of a crucial component in a primary server, to the loss of most or all of the University's computing infrastructure by flood or fire. This procedure will assume that all HRMS production server hardware in the Math&Computer machine room has been lost—i.e. the database server/process scheduler host, one of the two webserver hosts and the report repository host—but that other services are still intact and available, such as:

  • the campus network is sufficiently functional
  • backup and restore services are fully functional
  • the most recent backup of the production HRMS database and server files are available
  • all hardware in the Physics machine room is fully functional
  • support servers in Math&Computer such as bossą, nalia˛ and puckł are fully functional

And of course, the services providing access to this document are operative so that the procedure documents are available.

It is assumed that to provide adequate production performance, all development services will be shutdown until such time as production is restored to a separate environment. This will render development unavailable until replacement production infrastructure is ready for use.

Recovery Procedures

Documents detailing the steps to recover HRMS production functionality are available below:

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