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General Responsibility of NS

The Network Services Group of IST is responsible for the continuing evolution and on-going operation of the network-infrastructure building blocks of the enterprise-wide computing and communications environment. The Group has architectural and operational responsibility for:

and provides infrastructure support to the campus through:

Organization Structure for NS

The organization structure for NS is along technology lines. Such a structure gives a clear indication of responsibility for the complete implementation, ongoing support and continual modernization of services and infrastructure.

Bruce Campbell
Group Director, Network Services
Physical Security and Cable Plant
Doug Payne
Manager, Network Support and Development
Joe Allen
Manager, Telecommunications Services
Earl Fleming
Pat Kadwell
Joe Karger
Roger Lycke
Dan McDade
Efrem Sandy
Jim Stockie
Steve Bourque
Gary Cairney
Nancy Keane
Bruce Bender
Doug Herter
Ron Schmidt
Elizabeth Doede
   Kathleen Ebrahimi
   Sheila Fell
   Carrie-Anne Hunter
   Rhonda Lantz
   Pavlina Penk

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