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ISTplans Web Preferences

The following settings are web preferences of the ISTplans web. These preferences overwrite the site-level preferences in TWiki.TWikiPreferences and Main.TWikiPreferences, and can be overwritten by user preferences (your personal topic, eg: TWikiGuest in the Main web).

Web Preferences Settings for CLF

* Variables that are incorporated into the header meta and style tags

University of Waterloo Logo

* Where the local search (in search.tmpl) should look

* Contentbar appears when SKIN == uw2content or uw3content

* WORDMARK can be text string or <img /> tag

* Appears in the footer, you'll want to change these to your own information:

Web Preferences Settings

These settings override the defaults for this web only. See full list of defaults with explanation. Many of the settings below are commented out. Remove the # sign to enable a local customisation.


Help on Preferences

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