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Most of the time, we hurry to secure our home by installing security devices inside the house. But, did you know that it is possible to protect your home from acts of vandalism from the outside? Think now to protect your outdoor space: your garden!

Secure the garden to deter burglars

In addition to the security remote control system installed in the living rooms, there is another way to secure your home: protecting the garden. Thanks to specific outdoor rf remote control devices, intrusions into your property are immediately detected and dissuasive signals (lighting, alarms, etc.) are automatically triggered. The latter can make the burglar renounce his project. Moreover, they allow you to act in real time and to benefit from a police intervention in a better time. Securing the garden is therefore an ideal way to reduce the risk of burglary and optimize the security of the interior of your home.

Possible solutions adapted to the garden

In order to reinforce the security of your house from the outside, especially from your garden, the installation of presence detectors is strongly recommended. For this, rely on the motion detector, combined with a wireless lighting control system. As soon as the device detects in its viewing angle (120 to 260) the passage of a person or animal, the targeted area is immediately illuminated for a longer or shorter time, depending on the setting. Apart from that, you can also opt for the infrared barrier. Thanks to this, the presence of an intruder in your garden triggers a siren. Indeed, when radiation detects a passage, the signal is quickly emitted. Thus, the burglar may abandon his project before he has had time to approach your house.
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