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The food intake is our closest contact with the environment, and everything that man eats is absorbed by the blood and carried into every cell of the body. Even the brain cells depend on the quality of the food, seborrheic dermatitis hair loss recovery which is very important in terms of mental health and psychological behavior. If an allergy to a particular foodstuff or to a food additive is presumed to be a source of psoriasis, it is most sensible to regularly monitor the body's reactions immediately after food intake, and in this way to expose the triggering food.

It may be easier to have a therapist perform an examination according to the bioresonance method in which the effect of the substances and substances in question on the diseased organism can be ascertained more securely and, above all, more quickly. The human organism is increasingly exposed to more toxic harmful substances, and its resistance forces are increasingly overwhelmed. The high concentrations of pollutants and environmental toxins in the air, in water, and therefore also in the foodstuffs, play a particularly large part in this process.

The body tries to neutralize or reduce some of these toxins with its own biochemical possibilities, thus ensuring a biologically tolerable level of poisoning. The main problem is the ever-increasing increase in everyday pollutants and toxins, which are responsible for the body's detoxification mechanisms seborrheic keratosis removal. These reasons are increasingly leading to an eruption of skin reactions, which are often associated with psoriasis. It is particularly important in these cases to perform regular detoxification treatments.

Defensiveness of the body

All the factors mentioned so far can gradually lead to a reduction in immunity, which makes the body highly sensitive and sensitive to a wide range of allergens. The metabolic processes of the skin cells also change as a result of this weakened defense, and a reduction in fumaric acid can lead to psoriasis. A purely symptomatic treatment can not have a permanent effect on the healing, since the overall immunity is reduced and a final healing of the skin irritations (psoriasis) is prevented.

It is therefore important for those affected to improve their defenses, for example by taking appropriate medicinal plants. Psychological factors. Many patients with psoriasis have long known that mental excitements seborrheic dermatitis hair loss recovery and stress can lead to an increase in their skin discomfort. Psychosocial stress can trigger a persistent activity boost of psoriasis because internal psychological stresses become psychosomatic by disrupting the nonspecific defense systems of the body.
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