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Comment Recipes simple and easy to make Pizza-Italian cuisine is so popular in Indonesia so there is a variety of Pizza at the restaurant with the variation of toppings and also the price. For example in the article Culinary Bogor Pizza wood discusses the culinary pizza burns. In fact, it can also make your own pizza at home, here's a recipe how to make pizza.

Ingredients to make a simple Pizza
The following ingredients are used to make pizza:
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Pizza Bread Dough Ingredients

500 g flour
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp salt
2 tablespoons instant yeast
500 mL warm water

Easy Pizza Topping Ingredients

2 thin slices of tomato fruit
1 clove of chopped onions
4 cloves garlic chopped
Chopped green onion
Chedar cheese grated
Pamersan cheese or cheese that melts easily
Bacon chopped
Chopped Basil
Chopped mushrooms
Vegetable oil

How to make Pizza
The following process in making pizza

Combine the flour, sugar and salt, mix well, set aside
Mix instant yeast with warm water
Mix the flour with yeast dough, knead until kalis then input into the plastic
Save the dough in the refrigerator for approximately 12 hours
Remove the dough and leave it up to room temperature
Put the dough in the middle of a baking sheet and start tipiskan by way of menekan-nekannya the dough with fingertips. The widening up to the thickness that you want
Sprinkle the surface of the dough with the toppings, the layout as you wish.
Bake Pizza for 30 minutes or until done

How to make Zuppa Soup Recipe is easy-Zuppa soup is a thick soup-shaped food with a pastry or croissant style bread Crescent placed above the hat like Chowder then of that food is also called hat or zuppa soup soup. This soup comes from Italy and is usually known as Zuppa Toscana because the Toscana, Italy. After spreading on the European continent and then introduced in Indonesia, now zuppa soup popular and became a Prima Donna. Zuppa soup typically found in European-style cafes, reception or party. However, along with its popularity zuppa soup now easily found at food festivals even into the streets.

Make Zuppa Soup has its own tricks in order to inflate the puff pastry sheets and layered soup also has the right consistency and taste delicious that match the pastrinya. will share recipes zuppa soup that can be made at home. Here is the recipe.
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