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Comment Once the body has built up a way of relieving incompatible substances via the skin path, it reacts to additional disturbing factors, such as they are emotional stresses, with a reinforcement of the skin symptoms. For many patients, this chaining is a real devil circle, which they can hardly break through on their own. Even the "normal" everyday stress seborrheic dermatitis scalp shampoo, which is constantly exposed to each in our service society, can be triggering and intensifying in the case of psoriasis. If a psoriasis patient still lives in a private tension within the partnership, family or professional life, his situation is all the more tormented. In these cases, the help of a psychotherapist can be recommended, which can lead to an improved independent conflict resolution and processing of emotions blockades.

Effective healing methods for psoriasis

A number of very effective and proven medicinal plants, active substances and natural healing methods for the treatment of psoriasis are available to the patient. In which form (eg as homoeopathic or biochemical agent) the healing substances are taken and dosed, the treatment should be treated individually with the homoeopath or natural medicine.

Seidelbast (Mezereum) This medicinal plant is effective with all skin rashes with severe itching and dandruff or scab formation. It is regarded as a special therapeutic agent for psoriasis and also includes psoriasis behind the ears and on the hairy scalp. It also relieves nervous pain in the affected skin areas.
Evergreen (Vinca minor) The main activity of this plant are heaters of soaking, scaly and itchy skin rashes.
Sauerdorn / Berberis (Berberis vulgaris) All persistent skin affections associated with reddened eruptions and can heal badly can be treated very effectively and permanently with the Sauerdorn.

Sonnenhut (Echinacea angustifolia) The Sonnenhut should be taken better than mother tincture, ie as pure undiluted pressed juice. It improves the defense functions of the body, which also gradually reduces the sensibility of the skin. The overall immunity is enhanced by the use of Echinacea.
Iron (Ferrum metallicum) The trace element iron can significantly best treatment for seborrheic dermatitis on face improve the respiratory processes within the disturbed y skin cells and thus bring about a decisive inverting effect within the skin metabolism. Ingestion of iron also relieves the typical symptoms of psoriasis: redness / itching and painfulness. Iron also strengthens immune defense.
(Graphite / biochemical agent) This substance, obtained from graphite powder, is very effective in scaly, oozing hives, especially the folds of the folds and the scalp.

Oyster Muschelkalk (Calcium carbonicum) This muschelkalk has proved itself particularly in the treatment of psoriasis. It senses all irritations and eruptions of the skin. Also pustules, wetting eczemas can be cured with Calcium carbonicum, especially when there is at the same time a tendency to sweat.
Sulfur (Sulfur) Sulfur as an important biochemical substance seborrheic dermatitis cure permanent is in many cases capable of inducing a change in the overall metabolism. The indicative field of sulphur is correspondingly extensive and includes all disorders of the skin metabolism. All itching dermatoses, which, like psoriasis, tend to form a chronic form, should always be treated with sulfur.
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